I have a question.

Shoes? - Wear them. You'll probably be more comfortable if they are running shoes, sports sandals or water shoes.  Bring flip flops to change in to after the hike but we don't do any hikes that are flip flop friendly.  There is 100% chance your shoes will get muddy and wet because its just not an adventure otherwise.

Clothes? - Wear those too. Please. We recommend wearing your bathing suit (Because, Maui. Obviously) and perhaps a shirt and shorts over the top of them. You may get muddy/wet/sandy etc. so maybe leave the designer clothes at home. 

Stuff? - We want you to be as comfortable as possible and so we don't recommend bringing much. Some things that could be helpful are: towels, (air drying is cool too),  cash (if you want to buy some mementos along the way and tip your guide) and a good attitude because you're in Maui, and bad attitudes are not allowed.

What if I lose something? - Sorry, but Epic isn't responsible for any personal equipment you choose to bring on your hike.  Unfortunately from time to time vehicles are broken into and valuables are taken.  Backpacks, purses and handbags are targets so please leave all valuables in your hotel.

What does Epic provide? - Water,  snacks for half day hikes / snacks and lunch for full day and Road to Hana Adventures, go pro photography, eco-friendly bug spay, locally made all natural sunscreen (because we love our oceans and don't want to hurt the reef) and amazing guides who will share their knowledge and Aloha.

Will weather be an issue?  - Weather on Maui can be unpredictable: raining one minute and sunny skies the next.  We place your safety as our #1 priority so there may be times during unfavorable weather when your hike will need to be rescheduled or an alternate hike option given to you.  If we are unable to reschedule your hike you will receive a full refund.  

Should I tip? - If you don't want to be pushed off a 100 ft cliff. Probably. Just kidding, but seriously, if you loved your guide and had an Epic day a tip is always a great way to show your appreciation.

When will I receive my photos? As soon as your adventure ends.  Your guide will give you the memory card and adaptor so you can print your pictures or post them to social media ASAP (because we all know you want to make your friends and family jealous right away).

Cancellation Policy

Canceling?- We sure hope you don't cancel and so you know - every effort is made to reschedule a hike or tour if we have to cancel due to bad weather (hurricane/flash flood/etc).  but in case you do here's the nitty gritty:

If we can't reschedule? - You will receive a 100% refund.

Cancelations up to 48 Hours? -. You'll receive a 100% refund.

Less than 48 Hours? - You will receive a 50% refund.