Maui is a magical island with nothing but hidden trails and treasures. Our guides are some of the most experienced hikers of the aina (land) and are here to give you the most epic journey of your lives. Whether you are looking for a steep climb, a refreshing waterfall, or a beautiful lookout, we will take you to the most exclusive places.  All of our journeys are captured through the lens of a waterproof Go-Pro. Let us capture any new leaps you may take during your adventure.  Our tours are diverse, and are perfect whether you're looking for a romantic kiss under a private waterfall or the adrenaline of jumping off of a cliff with your entire family. The possibilities of life changing adventures are infinite. Join us in an Epic Adventure Day. 

Our Guides

 If you're ready for the adventure of your life, Amira will be the sweet voice on the other side of the phone that schedules it! She is half of the presence, love, and passion behind Epic Maui Hikes. Amira cares about you and will make sure you have the most special experience with us. Tell her the things you're excited about, curious about, the things you want to see, tell her anything. She will make sure you get everything you are looking for and more. She is also the girl posting photos on our social media of all the adventures, so dont forget to email her your favorite photos from your adventure, so you can be our epic instagram models ;) Amira is known for her energetic love of the island and sense of adventure, she is one of the most exciting souls on Maui.



Cole is amazing! If you're ready for some quality photos and deep conversations, Cole is the guide for you. He's a true explorer, spends most of his days hiking, adventuring and exploring. He knows a ton about the island, and even lived on the east side for a long time. Pick his brain as much as you want, were pretty sure boredom is impossible around Cole.

Zak is as passionate about sharing his love and knowledge of Maui as anyone we know.  Whether its a full day or half day adventure it will be your BEST DAY on Maui when exploring with this barefoot adventurer.


John is quite the blast to be around. He bring lots of laughs and good vibes. Hes real raw and genuine. People feel safe around him pretty instantly, and always have the time of their lives,


Alvaro is captured perfectly in this photo. He has the most vibrant and entertaining personality. It's pretty impossible not to laugh around him, as he does lots of accents, wears tie dye and normally a gypsy halo, and consistently has incredible energy. 

Daniel won’t make you Jump. . . .but he’ll try real hard. With a decade of trailblazing Maui under his belt you can expect;  a dash of adrenaline, full dose of nature all topped off with Epic Maui views for days!
If the stars align his Girlfriend might join. She isn’t Any Fun ;)  Add a smidge of Sarcasm & Never-ending handful of Aloha to the mix. . .what you got is a prime day of Epic-ness ! This guy is impossible not to like, truly an amazing human.

 Sean is a good mix of patient and helpful and spontaneous and exciting! He has been leading hikes for a long time, and dedicates his time to exploring the roads less traveled and is always finding new trails, paths, and secretive snorkeling lagoons. If you're curious how amazing he is, his trip advisor reviews are off the charts. Sean is really special, loving and kind. Everybody will feels safe with him. His passion is in showing beautiful souls the magic of Maui. He lives for the moments of Awe that our adventures bring people to. Nobody loves seeing people have the time of their lives more then Sean.